Bytte and Diamond Fortress Technologies, Inc. 

Columbian Bank Davivienda Expands the Use of ONYX

Successful Pilot Results in Rollout Across Davivienda's Footprint 

Davivienda, one of the main financial institutions in Colombia and the third largest bank in the country with a presence in Central America and Miami has become an example to follow for the great digital transformation that it has achieved in recent years thanks to the adoption of tools in the cloud that have benefited both customers and employees of the entity.

This journey towards mobile digital transformation allows users to make payment transactions from social networks and make group savings. Recently, the possibility of obtaining 100% digital products from the cell phone. Our regional partner, Bytte, has integrated ONYX™ software in Davivienda's mobile app to provide irrefutable proof-of-identity by matching the user against their fingerprint file located in the government database and printed on the individual's national identity card. This allows remote opening of accounts while meeting AML and KYC requirements.

Such was the impact, that 50% of mobile banking transactions in the first half of 2017 were made by Davivienda customers, according to the Financial Superintendence of Colombia. 

Thanks to its rapid digitalization, the more than 10 million customers of Davivienda, initially in Colombia and soon in Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Miami, began to make use of mobile solutions, such as obtaining a credit card in line, open a bank account in just five minutes, access loans in two minutes, request insurance, make advances in cash, pay public bills, activate blocked products, change passwords, acquire certificates of deposit online and locate the different physical channels of attention through geolocation, among many other activities that previously could only be done in person.


Currently, Davivienda offers an important part of its products digitally and has around 5 million active users on mobile devices, distributed in the different countries where it has a presence.