DFT Empower works with financial institutions, integrators, micro-finance organizations and others who require biometric authentication in the developing world. 

Diamond Fortress Technologies, one of the leading mobile fingerprint biometric companies, made a strategic decision to focus on promoting financial inclusion in the developing world.

We saw how getting more “unbanked” people involved in the global financial system would benefit not only the newly-banked individual, but also his or her community. 

Now, people have no need to worry if their life savings is stolen, because its in a bank. They can accumulate capital, which would most likely be invested in their community. They can get financing to open a business or help them to buy a home. And they can get insurance, pay accurate taxes, and transfer funds from their remote village to anywhere in the world.

The World is Banking on Us.


 Using DFT’s main software offering, ONYX, we can allow people to open a bank account remotely using only their phone, and it doesn’t require a touch-based fingerprint sensor. Because ONYX is touchless, its more accurate, captures the entire finger pad (most touch-based sensors get a third of the pad, at most. It also solves most of the issues iherant with touch-based sensors.